How Corn And Corn Milling Are At The Heart Of Your Breakfast

12 March 2018
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Practically every food you eat for breakfast contains some form of corn. People are often surprised by this fact, but it is true. Even some breakfast sausage uses ground corn as a filler or corn syrup as a flavor enhancer! Vegetarian breakfast "meat" also uses corn. Corn and corn milling are at the heart of your breakfast most days of the week, and here is how they do that.

Harvested Corn Goes to Milling Factories, Cereal Companies, and Grits Producers

Corn heads in three directions after it is harvested. The first direction is the milling factories. These factories take raw corn, dry it out, and then grind it into corn flour. Corn flour is used in a number of food products, including tortillas, taco shells, snack cake treats, etc..

The second direction in which harvested corn heads is to cereal companies. One such company based in Michigan has its own corn refineries onsite. There it cooks the corn into a pasty mash, bakes it to dehydrate it, and then grinds it up before adding other ingredients to turn it into a number of adult and kid cereals.

Finally, to produce a popular breakfast meal in the South, hominy grits companies receive another portion of the corn harvest. They grind and box the corn into quick grits and proper grits. (Proper grits are grits that take a much longer time to cook, and which are considered "proper" by most of the South.)

Corn Extractions, Fillers and By-Products

Corn syrup is an extraction of the natural sweetener found in corn. If you consume frozen waffles with maple-flavored pancake syrup, you have ground corn in your frozen waffles and your faux maple syrup is actually (and almost completely!) corn syrup with maple flavoring. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you probably eat "meat" made from tofu with corn fillers. The corn fillers plump up the tofu, provide added flavor and hold the tofu together. Corn oil, a by-product of the milling and extraction processes, is used to add flavor and/or as a recipe in breakfast bread products, such as muffins, English muffins, and other baked goods.

Eliminating Corn from Your Diet

People talk of eliminating corn and corn products from their diets, but they really have no idea how entrenched corn is in the food they consume. To eliminate all corn and corn products, they would have to avoid all pre-made breakfast foods, and make their own breakfasts from scratch. Even the vegans and vegetarians cannot get around corn. If you were going to attempt this, you will have to read every label of every food product on the market prior to purchase! It might be better just to reduce the amount of corn and corn products you consume, since it is nearly impossible to remove corn from your diet completely.

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