Love Meatless Pizzas But Need More Healthy Protein? Try This Tasty Recipe

6 December 2015
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you love the healthy taste of meatless pizzas but need to add more protein in your diet, you can double up on your vegetable toppings when you order out. You can also make your own delicious protein-packed and healthy veggie pizzas at home with organic tofu, red potatoes, kale, and fresh baby zucchini when you don't feel like ordering out. These foods contain protein and a host of other nutrients, including calcium and vitamin A. Here's how you make a wholesome and tasty meatless pizza.

Purchase Your Items

To make your pizza, you'll need to buy an already-made pizza crust with whole grains. Bread made with whole grains is low in fat but high in fiber and magnesium. Fiber keeps you full longer after you eat it while magnesium helps your body metabolize protein and muscles grow and develop. 

You also want to purchase one package of organic non-GMO firm tofu, four small red potatoes, one bunch of fresh kale, and two baby zucchinis. Be very careful when you select your tofu to avoid buying the wrong product. Although tofu is a vegan food, not all tofu is made the same. When you shop for your tofu, make sure that the packaging features the non-GMO project logo, as well as organic labels. Non-GMO foods are made without pesticides, chemicals and other additives that make it unhealthy for you. 

If possible, also choose organic products with your other ingredients to bring out the best flavor, taste and health benefits of your homemade pizza. 

Prepare Your Items And Bake Your Pizza

Before you cut or dice your veggies, wash them thoroughly in cold water, then dry them on a paper towel for 15 minutes. Be sure to slice your potatoes and zucchini into very thin slices. Cut the kale into bite-sized pieces or simply pull the leaves off the stems with your fingers. Also, place your tofu on five thick paper towels to dry the water out of it.

Now, follow the tips below:

  1. Place your pizza crust on a pan, then preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
  2. Dice the tofu into small cubes, then place them in a wok oiled with sesame seed oil.
  3. Add your veggies to the wok, then stir-fry them for two minutes. You don't want your vegetables to overcook or become mushy.
  4. Brush your pizza crust with sesame seed oil or olive oil, then layer your vegetables over the top. You can substitute the oil with tomato sauce if you want more flavor.
  5. Sprinkle the toppings with garlic powder, salt, oregano, and shredded parmesan or mozzarella cheese, then place your pizza in the oven for 10 minutes.
  6. Remove the pizza from the oven and slice while hot. 
  7. Serve your pizza with fresh fruit on the side, such as avocados and strawberries, for more protein.

You can always change the toppings to suit your taste, or leave out any ingredients that you don't like. For more great ideas, check out the menus of local pizza restaurants, like the one at Ocean Park Pizza. You may find something unique on the menu that intrigues you.