3 Alternatives To The Classic Tiered Wedding Cake

4 August 2015
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you're trying to make your wedding one to remember, rather than one that will simply blend in with the other dozen weddings your guests are going to that summer, then a great place to start is with the food, specifically, the cake. The classic white tiered wedding cake is quickly going the way of the dodo in favor of more modern, interesting cake designs.

Here are three ways to buck the tiered cake trend and put a memorable dessert on your guests' plates:


The cupcake trend is still in full swing, but one area where this trend hasn't been getting its full recognition is in the wedding industry.

Cupcakes give you and your guests more options than perhaps any other type of cake out there because they're modular, meaning you can assemble a cohesive wedding cake from dozens of little cupcakes of different flavors or types. Laying out the cupcakes before frosting them with a big design will make it look like a sheet cake from afar, or you can employ a tiered cupcake stand to keep a more traditional look while still having the fun of cupcakes.

The best part? No cutting required! Guests can simply pick and choose their cupcakes without the catering staff having to serve every individual cupcake. 

Log Cakes

A lot of people are pleasantly surprised when a log cake is rolled out anytime other than Christmas time, so it's a great way to change up your wedding cake while incorporating another tradition. Log cakes give the convenience of being very easy to cut, requiring a single slice per piece rather than breaking out a T-square to try to get perfect squares from a sheet. Log cakes also allow you to do the same kinds of decorations as a sheet or tiered cake if you've hired a skilled cake decorator. 

Cake in a Jar

This one is perfect for more rustic weddings if you want to use Mason jars, but can still be done in a classy way with drinking glasses or small vases. Jar cakes are great because they're mobile; they allow your guests to bring their cake with them if they're too stuffed after dinner, or allow them to walk around with their cake and socialize. Also, you can easily make the jars themselves into favors for your guests with a ribbon and card or sticker on the side commemorating the event. There are a bunch of different ways to do the jar cake, so feel free to experiment so you can find your perfect cakes. 

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