Wedding Food Service: Keep Your Vision, Space & Budget In Mind

1 April 2015
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

If you are planning on serving a meal at your wedding, you need to think about what type of food you want for your main meal. The type of food service you choose may affect the layout of your reception as well as your catering expenses.

Plated Dinner

If you choose to go with a plated dinner, you will need to have your guests choose their meal option ahead of time, such as if they want a meat or vegetarian dish.

If you go with a plated serving option, you are going to want to have tables for all your guests to sit at. To keep everything in order, and make it easier for the servers to deliver the right dishes, you may even want to have a seating chart and name cards at all the tables.

Although you will have to pay servers to deliver the food, this option can cut down on food costs. Instead of allowing everyone to choose which salad and side dishes they want, as well as how much they want to eat, you have more control over the portions.


If you want to provide your guests with lots of options, a buffet may be the way to go. Your guests will be able to choose which salad and side dishes they want.

You can allow guests to serve themselves. Or, if you want to keep the portions more controlled, you can have servers help your guests at the buffet line.

With a buffet line, having a seating chart is more optional. Guests can get their food and then find an open seat. Or you can have assigned seats and call up a few tables at a time.

Food Stations

Food stations are not quite the same as a buffet. At food stations, your guests will be able to create a unique food dish, either on their own or with the help of a chef.

For example, you may have a crepe station where people can assemble their own crepes and have them heated up for them. Or you could have a pasta station, where your guests can assemble their own pasta dishes.

Food stations can also be combined with a buffet. For example, you could have a pasta station combined with a buffet where your salads and other side dishes are offered.

Family Style

This is a great option if you are having a smaller wedding. Family style dining is very similar to how you may eat dinner at home.

Everyone sits down at one large table and passes the food around. Each person takes a helping of food and then passes the dish to the person next to them.

Family style can also work at a medium or larger wedding. For a large wedding, you may need to set up a few big tables and have separate dishes for each table.

While planning your wedding, it is important to keep in mind how you want to serve the food. If you go with plated dinners, you just need room in your reception area for your guests to sit down. If you decide to go buffet or food station style, you need to make sure your reception area has enough room for the food service as well as seats for your guests. If you want to go family style, you need to have access to a large table.

The meal style you go with will also affect your budget. If your meal serving style includes the use of servers, you need to plan for that additional expense.

The meal serving style you choose to go with ultimately depends on how you envision your wedding, the size of your reception area and your budget. For more information, contact a business such as Alpine Catering Ltd.