Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

16 January 2015
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Traveling with your furry companion can be somewhat difficult. Even the most well-traveled pets can have a bad day from time to time. There are a few ways to make your buddy more comfortable while traveling and staying in hotels. See below for a couple of tips to help make your trip a little less stressful and to keep your dog as comfortable as possible.

Check Hotel Policies Ahead Of Time

Look for hotels that accept dogs ahead of time (such as Penticton Lakeside Resort). You don't want to be driving around in the middle of the night looking for a hotel. Book ahead of time and check into the hotel policies. If you have a large dog, be sure the hotel accepts larger dogs. Some only accept small dogs. 

Give Your Dog Some Outdoor Time

Prior to relaxing after arriving at your hotel, be sure your dog has had plenty of exercise so he will be able to relax in the room as well. A dog that is antsy and cannot relax may end up keeping up other hotel guests around you. Check with the hotel concierge to see if there is a park nearby where you can take your dog. Be sure he goes to the bathroom while out and about, and take a handful of bags with you to clean up the mess.

Bring Comforts From Home

Bring your dog's blanket from home, or his crate if that's what he's used to. He will feel more comfortable in the hotel if he has something from home with him. If he usually sleeps with you, or on the couch, be sure to use an extra sheet to cover the blankets or couch.

Bring along your dog's favorite toys, bones and treats. Also take along his water/food bowls and the dog food you usually feed him.

Have Cleaning Products On Hand

Your dog may not make a mess at home, but when in an unfamiliar surrounding, he may. Be sure to bring a cleaning product that will clean up pet stains, just in case he has an accident.

Use The Do Not Disturb Sign

If you are going to go out without your dog, leave the do not disturb sign on your door. You don't want to frighten the maid if she opens the door to your large dog. You may also want to use a crate if going out. This way your dog won't get into any trouble, like chewing on any hotel furniture, while you're away.

You can't leave your dog in your hotel room alone all day long, so if that was your plan, you may want to think about boarding your pet, rather than taking him along for the trip.

Traveling with your dog can be fun for both pet and owner, but be sure to plan accordingly. Bring the necessary items your pet needs to feel comfortable and think about his needs first.