You Don't Have To Eat Bad Pizza! And Other Delivery Tips For Consumers

23 December 2014
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

How many times has this happened to you? You order pizza delivery service, and the pizza arrives late, cold, burnt or under-cooked. It is a consumer nightmare because you feel as though you were ripped off. Well, you should not have to feel that way, and in fact, you have some rights as a consumer concerning fast food delivery. 

The Right to Good Service

Most pizza delivery restaurants are very good about making sure your food is just right and delivered in a timely and convenient fashion. If you happen to stumble across a lesser-known pizza restaurant that delivers and they cannot deliver your pizza in under forty minutes, then you can choose to do one of three things:

  • Choose a different restaurant next time.
  • Request a partial refund of the delivery charge if the pizza arrives late.
  • Request something extra, on the side, if service is not what you had expected.

As a consumer, you have the right to expect good service, no matter what restaurant you order from. If the service could have been better, then you have the right to refuse the food or refuse to pay. You can also call the restaurant and ask to speak to the manager if you feel something was not quite right with your order. Usually, the manager or restaurant owner is more than willing to right the situation to create a positive dining experience for you.

Receiving Under- or Over-cooked Food

Under-cooked pizza means you could become very ill, especially if the dough is fresh and made with eggs or the meats on the pizza are not cooked all the way through. Over-cooked, or burnt, pizza is just a nuisance because not too many people enjoy the taste of blackened and hard-as-rock pizza crust and cheese. Before you pay your pizza delivery person at the door, be sure to check the food for both the right color and heat temperature. Just as you would in a sit-down restaurant. If it is not good, send it back and refuse to pay for it. It is your right to make this choice.

Deciding When to File a Complaint

Unless you are a frequent customer of a particular pizza place and service has not been unpleasant before, there really is no reason to file a complaint against the restaurant. Often, a simple conversation with the restaurant manager or owner solves the problem and the problem does not repeat itself. Filing a complaint should be reserved for more serious problems, e.g., you burn your mouth on the food, you get food poisoning, etc.

Pizza delivery is a convenient way to get great food, even specialty food like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and most pizza restaurants will try hard to make sure you get the hot, delicious food you ordered in a timely manner. However, is something does go wrong with your order, you shouldn't be hesitant to take the right steps to get it fixed.