How Corn And Corn Milling Are At The Heart Of Your Breakfast

12 March 2018
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Practically every food you eat for breakfast contains some form of corn. People are often surprised by this fact, but it is true. Even some breakfast sausage uses ground corn as a filler or corn syrup as a flavor enhancer! Vegetarian breakfast "meat" also uses corn. Corn and corn milling are at the heart of your breakfast most days of the week, and here is how they do that. Harvested Corn Goes to Milling Factories, Cereal Companies, and Grits Producers Read More 

Benefits Of Buying Organic Food

6 May 2016
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If you are trying to choose food at the supermarket, you might notice that there are two different types of many different produces and meats. One will be more expensive and labeled "organic." You might not know if the additional price is worth the benefits that organic food could provide. Here are some of the benefits that are involved with eating organic foods. Evaluate them yourself to help make the decision between the cheaper, regular produce and meats and the more expensive organic versions. Read More 

Love Meatless Pizzas But Need More Healthy Protein? Try This Tasty Recipe

6 December 2015
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If you love the healthy taste of meatless pizzas but need to add more protein in your diet, you can double up on your vegetable toppings when you order out. You can also make your own delicious protein-packed and healthy veggie pizzas at home with organic tofu, red potatoes, kale, and fresh baby zucchini when you don't feel like ordering out. These foods contain protein and a host of other nutrients, including calcium and vitamin A. Read More 

Two Dessert Pizza Recipes Your Customers Will Love

2 September 2015
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If you own a pizzeria and are looking for a way to diversify your menu options without veering too far from your pizza focus, consider expanding into the dessert realm. Dessert pizzas are quite popular with customers and will help you bring in more revenue. These two dessert pizza recipes are sure to please your customers. Since both can be made with your standard pizza dough, the only additional ingredients you need to stock are the toppings. Read More 

3 Alternatives To The Classic Tiered Wedding Cake

4 August 2015
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If you're trying to make your wedding one to remember, rather than one that will simply blend in with the other dozen weddings your guests are going to that summer, then a great place to start is with the food, specifically, the cake. The classic white tiered wedding cake is quickly going the way of the dodo in favor of more modern, interesting cake designs. Here are three ways to buck the tiered cake trend and put a memorable dessert on your guests' plates: Read More